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Second Amendment


My position on Gun Rights is the same as Charlton Helston’s: they’ll take my guns “from my cold, dead hands!” Our Second Amendment freedoms are the guarantee and protectorate of all of our other Constitutional rights.

As Dr. Seuss states in Horton Hears a Who, "A person's a person, no matter how small" (or how sick).  Darin Smith believes in and will defend the sanctity of life, from the unborn to the most elderly and vulnerable.

Limited Government

We need to gut the federal bureaucracy and halt its unconstitutional abuse of power. Agencies like the EPA are choking out business and agriculture in America and putting a huge and unnecessary tax burden on the backs of the American people. The first step is to limit the scope of federal agency power.  Any agency regulation that infringes on constitutional rights or affects more than $10 million in property should require Congressional approval to avoid abuse or oppression from bureaucrats.  An at-will federal employment system is the second step.










Freedom of speech is one our most important civil liberties.

It’s not only critical for a healthy exchange of ideas, but it allows us to discuss, debate and if necessary; question authority. Prosperity comes from ideas, and ideas can thrive only in a society in which they are free of censorship and reprisals. Silicon Valley should not determine what’s allowed in the public square.










Big Tech Censorship


From beef to wheat, Wyoming has a rich and diverse agricultural industry that is vital to our state’s economy.

I’ll protect our farmers from harmful regulations that impact their land use and water rights as well as their bottom line. Farmers and ranchers are the best stewards of their own land and should be the ones to determine how they farm it - not bureaucrats in Washington.


We need to go on the energy offensive to put energy jobs back in Wyoming and position our great state to lead the nation toward energy independence. Increase the demand for natural gas by modifying publicly funded vehicle fleets in Wyoming, all the way down to the local school buses, to run on natural gas, and incentivize energy companies to do the same. Increased natural gas demand will equate to higher coal prices, which will result in more revenue for the state. Our goal should be to make our clean and plentiful fuel and energy sources accessible to all and help America become energy independent.

Wyoming Coal

Wyoming’s coal is the cleanest coal in the world, so we must get it to market.  If environmentalists are truly worried about the environment, they should be advocates and help us get our coal to China and India. We must move quickly to build a consortium of partners (federal, state, and private industry) to encourage Oregon and Washington to open up their ports to Wyoming coal.  If they continue to stall, we have no choice but to constitutionally force their ports open via the Commerce Clause (Article 1 Section 8, Clause 3).  We must fight the Hillary Clintons of the world who are attempting to destroy the coal industry through unilateral and unconstitutional federal agency regulations.   See the "Limited Government" section for Darin Smith's plan to block the unconstitutional War on Coal.


I am committed to ensuring the federal government meets its commitments to the men and women who have bravely served in the Armed Forces.  I understand the changing needs of America’s newest generation of veterans and their families, and I’m dedicated to supporting efforts to make sure they receive the highest-quality medical care possible.

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