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Darin Smith Calls on House Minority Leader to Strip Liz Cheney from Committee Assignments

Darin Smith Calls on House Minority Leader to Strip Liz Cheney from Committee Assignments after Joining Pelosi’s Sham Commission

CHEYENNE, WY – Wyoming congressional candidate Darin Smith (R-WY) issued the following statement on the recent appointment of Rep. Liz Cheney to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

“For too long, Republican leaders in Washington, DC have been deceived into supporting causes that advance the strategic objectives of the American left.

Today, Liz Cheney demonstrated herself to be one such Republican by agreeing to serve on Nancy Pelosi’s sham inquiry into the January 6th protest on Capitol Hill.

Contrary to popular belief, most people who attended the January 6th protest were peaceful and law-abiding citizens who were expressing their Constitutional right to speak, assemble, and protest.

I know this because I was there. I’m proud to have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of my fellow citizens to express support for President Donald J. Trump and raise legitimate concerns with an election that appeared deeply flawed to millions of Americans.

Unfortunately, a small-mix of co-opters and/or poorly trained protesters crossed lines that should never have been crossed. Now Nancy Pelosi, with the help of Liz Cheney, is attempting to exploit these events to further consolidate power and punish political enemies. We must not participate in this sham.

The reality is that our nation is, in fact, under an aggressive and sustained attack – not by a small mix of co-opters and poorly trained protesters on January 6th, but by the American left, which is deconstructing and destroying Western values, norms, laws, history, traditions, and symbols.

At this time, we need elected representatives who clearly understand the nature of this threat and who are willing to put our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the line to fight and Take America Back! Liz Cheney has demonstrated she is not up to the task.

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